Transforming Directories into Next-Generation Digital Ecosystems

Giaola is the leading marketplace technology provider and operator that transforms directory services from static informational sites to dynamic transactional platforms. By enabling online transactions and creating new monetization opportunities,

Giaola brings directory services into the digital age.​

Giaola is Here to Bring You into the Digital Era

For most of the world’s directories and informational sites, what was working before isn’t working anymore. Why? Because we have entered the age of digital information and we must all adapt to keep up. Your customers are evolving, you should be too — Giaola is here to make that happen.


Transform your product

Evolve from your typical directory assistance service model to a full-scale digital product equipped with:

  • Booking services from smart search to payment
  • Workflow automation and management
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Operational CRM and CRS

Optimize your operations

Reengineer your business processes into digital operations and stay relevant in the digital age by leveraging:

  • Matchmaking mechanisms aligning supply with demand
  • Customer-focused processes,
  • Data and AI driving increased efficiency
  • Dedication to continuous improvement & operations excellence

Engage your customers

Enable transactions between buyers and merchants, and provide a range of value-add services and features:

  • Communication channels
  • Actionable customer data
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Built-in customer support features

Enable and manage your customers' digital transactions

Manage customer transactions and guarantee their fulfilment, from booking to appointment, all through the single Giaola platform. With the Giaola web and mobile app, customers can seamlessly find, book, and order a wide range of professional services that address everyday lifestyle needs.

To book, customers follow three simple steps:


Monetize your data

Leverage your data to increase customer value and improve sales performance. Giaola helps you integrate your data into your business strategy, so you can monetize it — whether it is selling your analyzed data or using it to produce custom insights that will solve business problems.


Multiply and maximize your revenue streams

Expand your current single ad subscription fee into a range of monetizable transactions, from leads and bids to appointment commissions. Create new revenue streams from value-add services for merchants and increase customer lifetime value from transaction volume.


Become Your Country’s Leading Digital Ecosystem

Giaola digitizes all your listings into one large local marketplace of merchants, enabling you to transform into a full B2B2C ecosystem that increases traffic and revenue for all stakeholders. Single-vertical marketplaces bring the stores, your directory brings the audience, and Giaola pieces the two together in a high traffic local marketplace of merchants that caters to the needs of your modern, digital users.


You customers' digital journey starts here.

The customer lifestyle journey has become digital. Today, information is global, so your customers are using other sources to find information. Finding platforms for making transactions though remains local (from food delivery to everyday services such as technicians or beauty) and is still a challenge in many markets. Giaola helps you go beyond simply providing information to your customers by enabling you to digitally offer, manage and fulfil requests for services.